Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift, Short Scar Mid Face lift in Bangkok Thailand

The mini face lifting surgery will lift the mid face and nascobal fold.

mini-face-lift-300x200Some times called a weekend lift will be performed by our leading cosmetic surgeons in private Hospital.

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This type of face lift basically refers to the incision or scar pattern and to the area of face that is treated. The surgeons make an S-shaped incision at the temple or in front of the ear. The incision does not extend behind the ear, as it would in a more traditional face-lift. The small incision still lets doctors re-suspend the tissues that support the smile lines and jowls and tighten a moderate amount of loose skin. The MACS (the Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift) technique is an example of the short scar face lift.

Mini facelifts are generally appropriate for people age 35 and higher who show aging in the mid-face and do not have a severe amount of excess skin around their jaw line and neck. It will achieve a refreshed look for the face and profile. This procedure is also ideal for someone who wants to minimize scars.


The more limited surgery means less swelling and bruising and a shorter recovery time. Bonus: People who have short scar lifts can wear their hair pulled up in the back without anyone seeing a scar. This may be so with other techniques but is not always the case.The downside is that the surgeon may not be able to eliminate loose, sagging skin in the lower face and neck.

The duration of the operation is one hour.  Most patients would like to stay in the hospital overnight. General Anesthesia (you are asleep).

Mini-Face lifting surgery package

·         General Pre health check
General Anesthesia
1 night hospital stay
Medical Equipments & Medical Supplies
Medical Treatments
Doctor fees
Nursing services
Take home medication
Post op cares
Surgery 1 – 2 hours

Surgery Schedule

Day 1 – Consultation
Day 2 – Surgery
Day 3-6 – Recovery period and Follow up
Days 5 – Stitches will be removed
Day 6 – After removing stitches, set back and relaxes for better recovery
Day 5- 7 – you may return home

Recommended stay in Thailand total 10  days

If you don’t have enough time , you may look into non surgical Laser tightening and lifting without any down time.

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